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My Commitment to You

Folsom is an incredible place to call home. We are blessed with a strong business community, a beautiful natural environment and first class civic amenities. We also have challenges such as the recent COVID-19 crisis, increasing property crime, and a tight city budget which need real solutions.
I am committed to keeping Folsom thriving in the years ahead. My experience as a small business owner, an entrepreneur, a city commissioner and a volunteer board member for multiple local non-profits has helped me understand why our community is so special and what it takes each day to raise the bar.
I am committed to always learning more about why you love Folsom or what you think needs improvement. Please call me anytime at (916) 572-3205 or email me at jeraithel@gmail.com.

Join us and sign the petition seeking more transparency for the state and county COVID decisions being made that impact Folsom’s business community. Specifically we are requesting the zip code data for COVID-19 cases.

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